About the Artist

 Charles Gulbrandsen graduated from the Cooper Union with distinction in 1985 and soon began a career in art restoration. Having specialized in the reconstruction and in-painting of the missing and damaged areas of these paintings, he was required to master many technical challenges.  Over the years, Gulbrandsen would synthesize this experience into the development of his own style.

Among his many significant restoration projects was the Ceiling of Grand Central Terminal, which was actually painted by his grandfather; also, Charles Gulbrandsen.  During these years spent concentrating in art restoration, he was also commissioned to paint many murals for private clients. Charles’ passion for larger works would surface again with the emergence of his abstract work. 

Using aggressive brushwork and multiple glazing layers, each piece begins with a series of arching gestures and like a photograph coming into focus, organic structures slowly emerge from luminous nebulae.  The dance of turbulence and harmony, opacity and translucency, all coalesce into images which are simultaneously abstract and surreal.  This process allows Gulbrandsen to explore the encounter between the natural and perceived world by synthesizing these contradictory elements into a unified field.  

Charles Gulbrandsen is also a member of the RPAC Art Center and Academy in Ridgefield as well as the Washington Art Association. He is now represented by the Rene Soto Gallery in Norwalk, Ct. and his work is held in many private and corporate collections.  Charles makes his home and studio in Woodbury, Ct. 


"The Water Girl" Apre Bouguereau

Major Commissions

“GREENWICH VISTAS” (450 sq. ft.) private residence, Greenwich, CT

"GOTHAM" (350 sq .ft) for private residence New York, NY

"ST. JEROME"(250 sq .ft.) for private residence, Bronx, NY

"THE STUBBS ROOM"(250 sq. ft.) for private residence, Redding, CT

"HONG KONG HARBOR"(800 sq.ft.) for private residence, New York, NY

"COMO VISTA"(300 sq. ft.) for private residence, Fairfield, CT

"SERENGETI PLAINS"(800 sq. ft.) for private residence, New Canaan, CT

“STRATA PHASE” (84” x 84” oil on panel) Kaufman Borgess & Ryan, New York, NY

Major Restorations

Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY; "ZODIAC CEILING", consultant and conservation crew member for Beir, Blinder & Belle of New York, NY*

U.S. Coast Guard Naval Headquarters, Governor's Island, NY; Officers' Club
mural "CASTLE WILLIAMS" by Anthony Ravelli    

 Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, New Bedford, MA; a suite of four murals

Cafe′ des Artistes, New York, NY; a suite of twelve murals by Howard Chandler Christy


Guggenheim Estate, Sands Point, NY; decorative foyer ceiling mural  

St. Bartholomew's Chapel, New York, NY; alter painting,"ADORATION OF THE MAGI" by Poullin


The Cooper Union, New York, NY - Bachelor of Fine Art

The Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, England  

Awards and Accolades

The Cooper Union, full four year scholarship award
The Bath Academy of Art Scholarship Award
The Cooper Union Dean's List, High Honors
The Vena T. Carol Prize